Microcredit up to 60 million ₸

Fund your business or personal projects using real estate as collateral.
up to 10 years
up to 60%
from the cost of real estate
for issuance and service

Who is eligible


Involved in trade, services, agriculture and other areas


Carrying out activities without state registration

Private individuals

Employed citizens with income in the form of salary

If you

Have a source of income
Citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan or have a Residence Permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan
From 21 to 65 years old
Employed or doing business


2 601 476 ₸
Desired amount
200 000 ₸
60 000 000 ₸
1 050 123 ₸
3 months
120 months
Monthly annuity payment
30 000 000 ₸
50 m.

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