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Information on the provision a microcredit payment deferral

Information on the provision of the microcredit payment deferral for borrowers living in regions where an "Emergency situation" regime has been declared

«Swiss Capital (Свисс Капитал)» MFO» LLС expresses its sincere sympathy to the victims and wishes them a speedy recovery after the natural disaster.

«Swiss Capital (Свисс Капитал)» MFO» LLС provides microcredit payment deferral with up to three months without accrual of fines and penalties for Borrowers living in regions where an "Emergency situation" regime has been declared.

To receive the microcredit payment deferral, you need to submit an application letter to the email address info@swisscapital.kz, or at the Call Center or at any branch of the Company.

ATTENTION for microcredits secured by collateral, it will be necessary to register an Additional Agreement to the Pledge/Mortgage Agreement with the authorized registering authority, as well as provide a notarized consent of the spouse(s).
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